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post-9/11 gi bill implementation

what you should know about the post-9/11 gi bill implementation

when will va begin accepting applications?

va is now accepting applications for the post-9/11 bill. a revised application is available at applications can be submitted electronically on the website at veterans on-line application (vonapp). the new application includes a post-9/11 gi bill option. note: va is currently accepting applications for transfer of entitlement (toe). more information about toe can be found at

what should you consider before electing the post-9/11 gi bill?

there are several things you should consider before electing benefits under the post-9/11 gi bill. these include:

  • type of training you plan to pursue
  • cost of tuition and fees at your school
  • highest in-state undergraduate tuition and fees at a public institution in the state where your school is located
  • amount of the monthly housing allowance in the zip code where your school is located
  • the number of courses you plan to pursue
  • other va education benefits you are eligible to receive
  • other financial aid you may be entitled to receive
  • for more information on comparisons between the post-9/11 gi bill and other va education benefit programs, visit

how do you apply for the post-9/11 gi bill?

if you have never applied for va education benefits, you must submit a va form 22-1990, application for education benefits.

all applicants are encouraged to submit an application on the revised form. if you are also eligible for another benefit or benefits, you must indicate that you are electing to receive the post-9/11 gi bill, specify the benefit you wish to relinquish to receive the post-9/11 gi bill, and the effective date of your election under the post-9/11 gi bill. you should also submit any available supporting documentation including copies of dd-214(s), activation orders and enlistment contracts.

what should you expect when you submit an application?

va will be reviewing applications under the post-9/11 gi bill and issuing certificates of eligibility (coes) to qualified individuals. the coe will contact basic eligibility information including months of entitlement, period of eligibility and benefit level. if you have chosen a specific school and program, the coe will also indicate if post-9/11 gi bill benefits are payable for that school and program. upon receipt of your coe, you should retain a copy for your records and submit a copy to the va certifying official at the school you plan to attend.

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